Knocki: Make Any Surface Smart

As of this moment the radically innovative gadget Knocki is just a few days away from ending a meteoric run on Kickstarter. To put things immediately in perspective we’ll just throw the numbers at you: Knocki’s initial goal was to raise $35,000 and so far it’s earned more than a million dollars in funding. Yeah. This thing is huge.

Knocki works is by magically joining with nearby surface

The way Knocki works is by magically joining with any nearby surface to thereby transform that surface into a touch screen with remote control abilities. Once the surface is enabled, you can use it to do everything from change the channel to adjust the room temperature to locate your lost phone. If you’re suddenly visualizing a blank wall or table behaving like a tablet (minus any luminescent glare) then you aren’t far off at all.

Knocki can knock to perform specific tasks

The reason it’s called Knocki is because you can knock to perform specific tasks. For example, knock (or tap) once to turn off the lights. Knock twice to turn on the security alarm. Knock three times to turn off your computer. To watch this thing in action is in some ways to witness the birth of a new language between owner and owned. Assuming the product actually delivers (and doesn’t go the way of the Clapper of course), it could only be a matter of time before everybody’s knocking on inanimate surfaces and it doesn’t look weird at all.

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