K’Track is Painless Blood-Free Glucose Monitoring

This one’s for the diabetics. K’Track is the world’s first wearable tracker that measures your glucose painlessly and in seconds. It allows you to self-monitor glucose levels without drawing blood. Simply press the screen and the watch will display your glucose level. K’Track is equipped with K’apsul, a revolutionary biosensor which, in contact with the skin, tests glucose levels without a blood sample. K’apsul can take unlimited measurements within a 30 day period with results being displayed on the K’Track screen as well as synced to its dedicated app.

k’track painless blood glucose monitoring

K’Track Glucose can be worn all day long and in all conditions. It looks like an ordinary digital watch and works like one too, meaning you can discreetly monitor your blood glucose in social settings, the workplace, during sport and exercise – any situation where glucose levels are prone to spike. K’Track can also track steps taken, distance travelled and calories burnt.

The dedicated iOS and Android apps show a complete data history over time and share those results with a relative or a professional. K’Track can also send alerts to remind users to check their glucose level. It’s on ‘track’ to make diabetics lives easier.

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k’track painless blood glucose monitoring mobile app

k’track painless blood glucose monitoring watch

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