Lambo Sounds – Lamborghini Ixoost Esavox Sound System

Known for their uber-popular Italian supercars, Lamborghini has introduced their new Ixoost Esavox Sound System that was inspired by the Aventador. The pure aesthetics of this looks incredible, by far, the best looking sound system I’ve ever seen. Just like the cars, this system cranks out 600 watts of power that come from carbon subwoofers and hexagonal side cabinets.

lamborghini ixoost esavox sound system back side

There’s also an additional 200 watts of power that is supplied by a 15-inch neodymium subwoofer. Think of it as nitrous oxide for speakers. The speakers are covered by monocoque carbon and rich wood and comes in black, red, orange and yellow. Imagine dropping ‘Mercy’ by Kanye’s crew on this (all hip-hop fans will know the reference I’m making here). It won’t be the price of a Lambo, but these speakers will still set you back 28k. But if money isn’t your issue, I would definitely drop some stacks on these speakers.

lamborghini ixoost esavox sound system hexagonal side cabinets

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