LaMetric Dashboard & Social Stats

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, LaMetric is now rolling out their creative design for home and business use. The LaMetric is a visual dashboard and speaker that you can customise to track what is important to you. Things that make your day at a glance. The display setup can range from a simple thing like displaying the time or weather to more complex and connected email notifications or RSS and stock market feeds. Send your love one a message to their LaMetric with emoticons and a personalised message.

lametric dashboard and social stats mobile display


Another function of LaMetric is a date ticker to count down the days until your special dates. Take it to gym to keep track of your work and rest period with programmable interval timer for fitness. You can even integrate your Google Calendar events and the LaMetric will alert you the time and subject of the upcoming meeting. Track your PayPal balance and transactions or know what people say about you on Twitter. There is already a bunch of custom messages and widgets that you can change to fit your need.

lametric dashboard and social stats reading

It’s always connected to Wi-Fi and is Bluetooth enabled so you can stream your favourite music service from your phone or tablet. While you stream your music, the display rock out with a light show to visualise your beats. The speakers volume can also be controlled on the speaker itself so you don’t have to reach for your phone or tablet each time to pump up the volume. Besides the volume control button the LaMetric comes with three soft touch buttons on top that allow you to switch quickly between the apps that you have set up. The kicker is that you can also integrate it with existing home automation that will notify you with a visual and sound.

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