The Lap of Gaming Luxury – ROCCAT Sova Gaming Board

Accepting pre-orders now and preparing for launch in August is the Sova Modular Gaming Board from Germany’s ROCCAT Studios. ROCCAT is planning to once and for all bridge the gap between the PC and living room experience by providing a superior peripheral keyboard that sits comfortably in your lap when you’re on the couch. While the Sova is not the first of its kind, it’s promising to be the best.

roccat sova gaming mouse and keyboard use

What separates this board from the pack? Enhanced user-integration, enduring comfort, quality engineering and first-class design of course. To help achieve optimal functionality, the SOVA will come equipped with two USB ports, a mouse cable channel and built-in mousepad, cushioned padding on the bottom and an ergonomic palm rest on the top. According to ROCCAT Studio CEO René Korte, “For us, it wasn’t enough to create a gaming board with dynamic playing features and great software under the hood; the Sova had to be the most comfortable long-term use product of its type on the market.”

roccat sova gaming board with mousepad

The Sova includes plenty of the software features that loyal ROCCAT customers have come to expect from the brand. If you pre-order it now you’ll also get a free Black Kova Gaming Mouse (while supplies last). With the Sova in action, you might never have to leave your couch again.

Check it out

roccat sova gaming keyboard front

roccat sova gaming keyboard feature

roccat sova gaming keyboard rear view

roccat sova gaming keyboard back spectacle

roccat sova gaming keyboard front preps removable parts

roccat sova gaming keyboard back view

roccat sova gaming keyboard right side