Learn the Ropes and Change the Game with the Loupedeck+

Whether you’re just getting started or are an established veteran to the photo-synthesizing scene, the Loupedeck+ is the perfect tool for maximizing your control, precision, and creativity. Achieving the ideal edit is no longer a thing of mystery, with Loupedeck+’s intuitive buttons, dials, and sliders.

The Loupedeck+ has been ergonomically designed to facilitate faster editing and enhanced workflows. The common-sense design enables users to edit thousands of photos without having to stall out or be derailed from the task at hand. Loupedeck+ lets your eyes remain focused on the image in consideration and your fingers at the helm of a powerful design suite, enabling an optimal design environment. Not only a simplifier, the Loupedeck+ is host to a wide range of customization options that let you, the designer, take charge of the editing process from step one with maximum control.

The trusest test of a product’s worth, is if it accomplishes it’s desired tasks with appropraite costs, be it money, time, effort, or a combination of the three. The Loupedeck+ not only passes this assessment with flying colors, but it does so on an elementary level for beginners just getting into the photo-editing space and for industry professionals who have used a multitude of softwares and tools like this over the years.

Sometimes the best way to see the value in a product is through someone else’s eyes. That’s why what Jessica Zollman had to say speaks volumes; “Loupedeck has changed things totally! It has sped up my editing process significantly and has transformed this part of photography from a chore to joy.” A rousing endorsement, Jessica hits on the most impressive aspects of the Loupedeck+ its ability to take an activity that was dull, and make it exciting, while also administering more control and power to each user.

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