This Leica Leitz M7 Titanium Lens Set is $190,000

In 2004, Leica commemorated the 50th anniversary of their M system camera by producing a limited run camera and lens set cased in titanium. Only fifty sets were made. Fast forward twelve years and one of the sets has wound up on EBay with a ‘buy it now’ price of $190,000 U.S. The seller was generous enough to offer free postage.

leica m7 lens and camera in the bag

The Leica Leitz M7 titanium lens set is in mint condition with no mentionable signs of use. The lenses are clean with no dings or dents. The set is topped off by a string of accessories including a strap, hardcover book, manual, some small booklets (not all of them), a certificate and a box. The Leica set was made in Germany. Unfortunately, the Rimowa case that comfortably houses the lenses and camera is not made from titanium but only painted a titanium colour. This hasn’t appeared to shift the set’s value.

leica m7 camera top side view

The lens set is obviously a rare collector’s item. You can determine for yourself if twelve year old camera is worth more than the price of a luxury sports car. Although whoever’s willing to spend that much money probably wouldn’t be buying the set to use it.

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leica m7 camera lens