Leica M10-P Camera Comes with a Silencer

The Leica M10-P Camera has the distinction of having the quietest shutter of any M camera—film or digital—yet. It’s almost as if the company known for compact size and discreetness has outfitted this camera with a silencer. Leica claims that the new shutter is 50 percent quieter than previous shutters, including the cloth shutters of the film versions. That silence is achieved by using a new rubber-bearing suspension that reduces vibration and noise. The reduction is sound isn’t a reduction in performance. The new shutter has the same maximum 1/4000 second speed, with 1/180 second flash sync speed.

leica m10 p camera top view

The M10-P has all the internal workings of any other M10—a 24-megapixel, full-frame sensor; the Maestro II image processor, and more. It does have a thinner frame than previous digital M cameras, and the ISO range goes from 100 to 50,000. The LCD touchscreen has been updated with a swipe and pinch-zoom feature for reviewing photos, but don’t worry, all the original controls are still there. The camera has also been equipped with a digital level gauge for more precise alignment when taking your pictures.

The M10-P is available in all black with chrome accents and as a silver/chrome variation. It sells for $7,995.

Check it out

leica m10 p camera front

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