Leica Release the M-P ‘Panda Edition’ for Chinese Market

The Leica M-P is the perfectly understated camera for connoisseurs who appreciate the details. Leica is now presenting the limited edition M-P ‘Panda Edition’ which will be available exclusively to the Chinese market. This special limited edition is offered in two different sets with different lenses, but there are only 30 sets for each edition available. The camera perfectly reflects Leica’s pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship and profound interpretation of environmental protection.

The body of the Leica M-P ‘Panda Edition’ is coloured with a special white paint coating, matched with a high quality black leather trim. The rear of the camera body is engraved with a distinctive black and white panda logo and under the logo, the words “CHENGDU CHINA” are also engraved. This rare and beautiful camera is perfect for any true enthusiast.

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leica the m-p 'panda camera front side

leica m-p camera all things on the bag

leica m-p camera lens and side view