Leica X Vario

leica x vario camera front side with flash

The renowned German brand Leica introduced its latest ready-to-shoot camera the Leica X Vario, offering quick and handy operation combined with a number of options for more professional applications. Suitable for both casual snapshots and carefully selected compositions, Leica X Vario allows you to switch between automatic and manual modes in just a split second. The manual mode is also quite convenient, given that you can quickly adjust its options via click-detent dials on the top and focusing ring on the lens. Leica X Vario comes with an exceptionally large APS-C (23.6 x 15.7 mm) sensor capturing images in up to 16.2 million effective pixels resolution in aspect ratio 3:2, utilizing its 18-46mm Zoom Lens. With the new Leica, Full HD video recording in 30 fps is also possible. Pictures and videos can be viewed on Leica’s 3-inch wide-angle LCD. $2,850

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