Lenovo Takes us Into a New World With it’s Explorer Mixed Reality Headset

VR was so two years ago. The newest tech sensation is mixed reality, which bundles augmented reality and virtual reality into one immersive package. And Lenovo is cashing in. Earlier this year, they introduced their own mixed reality device and just made it official at the 2017 IFA. Exclusively compatible with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform, the Lenovo Explorer is an ergonomic headset with inside-out positional tracking and two optional motion controllers. The result is a mixed reality experience straight out of sci-fi, and quite possibly your next gaming obsession.

lenovo explorer mixed reality headset

The whole idea of mixed reality is that you’re either able to bring the game into the room or bring yourself into the game. Either way, you should be putting your body into the experience. Accordingly, the Lenovo Explorer headset was specifically designed to enhance comfort and mobility during gameplay. It’s therefore light, cosy and adjustable. Inside are two 1440 x 1440 pixel displays, one for each eye. A quick flip up and down display allows you to remain aware of your actual real world surroundings.

lenovo explorer two men and women playing games

Thanks to built-in dual cameras, which provide motion tracking, there are no external sensors required when using the Lenovo Explorer. Simply plug it in to Microsoft Window’s Mixed Reality platform and play. You can use an Xbox One controller for gameplay, or two additional motion controllers that like the headset will be automatically detected for tracking. If it’s distraction-free office work you’re seeking, the device is compatible with Microsoft Office apps as well as you’re keyboard and mouse. Lenovo Explorer also supports Microsoft’s Cortana in case you get lonely in there.

lenovo explorer a men playing games

With innovations like these, it’s only a matter of time before the future as we once imagined it will start to feel outdated.

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Disclosure: Man of Many travelled to IFA as a guest of Lenovo.

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