Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Review

Convertibles are all the rage right now. No, not sport cars. We’re talking laptop/tablet hybrids. The demand for versatility in ultrabooks has increased with the popularity of this product category, blending together the best of both computing worlds in a smaller, more portable package. Nearly all the major manufacturers have tapped into the market, though it was the Lenovo Yoga Pro that popularized the trend. And with the latest model in the franchise, the Yoga Pro 3, the company looks to remind us who remains the leader of the pack.

lenovo yoga 3 pro beautiful start menu

Beautiful Display

Sporting a 13.3-inch display with Quad-HD (3200 x 1800) resolution, the Yoga 3 Pro delivers gorgeous visuals and video playback that is easy on the eyes. Edge-to-edge gorilla glass keeps the screen safe from cracks and scratches, plus it enhances the panel’s gesture controlled and 10-finger tracking capabilities with better responsiveness.

There are laptops out on the market with such upscale displays, like the MacBook Pro and Toshiba Kirabook. However, not many offer such an amazing visual experience for a 2-in-1 solution. Needless to say you’re looking at one of the elite options.


lenovo yoga 3 pro front view with s pen

Dynamic Hybrid Design

With most of the top laptop makers stealing Lenovo’s design swag: How does the company continue to reinvent the Yoga image? With a new watchband-style hinge that features nearly 800 individual parts. The addition of this contributes to a much sturdier hinge.

lenovo yoga 3 pro folding laptop

The overall design is more exotic with an anodized aluminum cap and soft-touch palm rest flaunting a polka-dot texture. It’s also very judicious in dimensions, as its unique spec sheet allows for a slimmer profile without a cooling fan—something most of Intel’s laptop CPUs set as a requirement.


white lenovo yoga 3 pro with s pen

Great Battery Life

What good is a beautiful display and compact design on a laptop if it can’t get you through an entire business day? The Yoga 3 Pro exceeded our expectations by outperforming its promised 7-hour battery life and clocking in a good 8 hours on standard use. That’s estimated at a good 30 minutes more than the nearest competitor.

The impressive vitality displayed by the machine is thanks impart to the Core M processor, which was designed to throttle computing requirements to fit usage. This is quite an impressive feat considering other convertible systems don’t even make it to 6 hours.


white lenovo yoga 3 pro hdmi and usb connector

Passable Processing Power

To the average user and their typical usage scheme that mainly consists of streaming Netflix shows, visiting social media sites, and working on Office documents simultaneously: the Yoga 3 Pro holds up just fine. Though if you’re one who games hard on a PC or delves into the video production realm, it’s OK to look into another option.

lenovo yoga 3 pro keypad

Having a Core M 5Y71 CPU underneath the hood allowed Lenovo to deck the Yoga Pro 3 with an extra slim design. But the device is only paired with a soldered 8GB of RAM. This leaves little-to-no room for upgrading. The GPU is serviceable as well, though it falls short of a dedicated graphics processor.


black lenovo yoga 3 pro model


Still in all, the Yoga Pro line continues to push the boundaries of beauty and functionality. The Yoga 3 is no exception. Between the gorgeous presentation and high-performance features—Lenovo’s engineered a machine that best utilizes the Windows platform. Lord only knows what the company has planned for an encore come this holiday season when Windows 10 hits the market. Until then, consider the Yoga 3 the convertible for you.