Lenovo Yoga Book is a 2-in-1 Tablet Unlike Any Other

Don’t know what the deal is with Lenovo and their strange product names–maybe they have a bizarre sense of humour or just don’t take themselves too seriously. Either way, they’ve entered the world of notebook-tablet hybrids with the Yoga Book, a 2-in-one tablet unlike any other in that it transforms to suit the task at hand. Below the 10.1 inch LED touch display is another touchpad that doubles as a keyboard, drawing pad and note pad.

lenovo notebook tablet

When you want to get some serious work done, open the Yoga Book in Type Mode and the easy-to-use Halo keyboard shows up on demand. The keyboard shortcuts provide an experience that’s like using a real keyboard, bringing the best of software and hardware along with it. When the keyboard is turned off, the included Create Pad and Real Pen give you the precision and control you expect from a traditional pen on paper. The Real Pen detects 2,048 levels of pressure—capturing subtle nuances of every stroke.

lenovo notebook 4 05 mm thin tablet
Yoga Book is seriously compact. It’s only 4.05 mm thin when opened and weighs just 690g. Powered by an Intel Atom processor with up to 13 hours of use on a single charge, the Yoga Book allows you to use your creativity wherever you are. You can get your hands on a Yoga Book with an Android operating system for US $499. Add $50 if you’d prefer Windows.

Check it out

lenovo yoga book an android operating system tablet

lenovo yoga book led touch display

lenovo black and gold color yoga book

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