Let Your Camera Stand On Its Own Feet – Object 005 Camera Stand by BASE

BASE is an object design company from San Francisco that specialises in modern, but timeless home and office pieces. The Object 005 is a desktop camera stand that provides a home for your photography pal. It is elevated to protect your camera from any accidental liquid spills. It sits on soft plastic pads on an aluminum base.

The open area underneath the base where the camera sits can be used as storage. Some readers right now may be seeing as useless this may be, but think of this way. When you purchase your expensive iPhone or Android, almost every user will go off and purchase a protective case. BASE’s mindset is very similar in a sense that your costly camera should be also well protected, while keeping your workspace organised. It is currently compatible for both mirrorless and DSLR cameras. An affordable gift idea for the photographers or camera lovers out there.

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