LG Exoskeleton Lightens the Load

You know that scene in Aliens when Sigourney Weaver dons the power loader to take on the alien queen? Wel … we may not be there just yet, but we sure are seeing more exoskeletons popping up. LG’s CLOi SuitBot was unveiled last fall in Berlin and it’s already receiving an updated version, which will debut at CES 2019. The SuitBot supports your lower body, reducing stress when lifting or bending.

The suit augments your own strength and provides support, helping to reduce fatigue and the chance of injury, especially when lifting or lowering heavy loads. With SuitBot on, the user’s flexibility increases, enabling a 50-degree extension and a 90-degree flexion at the waist. The robot can operate for four hours off of a single charge.

side view lg exoskeleton

The SuitBot will also unveil with other CLOi service robots—the PorterBot, the ServeBot, and the CartBot. Each relies on LG’s AI and robotic expertise to help their human counterparts accomplish their duties. The AI actually learns as it analyzes what the user is doing, establishing patterns so that it can improve functions. The robots come with touch displays and respond to voice commands, and can even interact with the user, doing such things as answering questions and processing payment.

Here’s hoping they know Asimov’s first law.

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lg exoskeleton back view

front view lg exoskeleton