LIFT and Go is Beyond Carrying Your MacBook

LIFT and Go is a MacBook accessory or ‘Maccessory’ that aims to simplify transporting a MacBook from point A to point B, to point C, D, E and F, it depends on how many places you go. LIFT is not a stand or a bag, but a new way of interacting with your computer. LIFT is stylish and protective, designed for everyday life on the move. LIFT was inspired by the innovative, slim and sleek design of Apple’s products but the designers at Zenlet were unhappy with the messy accessories and customisation options available. They created LIFT as a solution to all of these problems.

lift and go macbook screen and side view

LIFT begins with a unique frame that provides protection, a perfect viewing and typing angle, increased air circulation and incredibly simple carry mobility. The LIFT frame is made of aluminium that is light yet durable enough to handle daily usage. Plus there is a large handle on the end. Slide the top handle open, and the MacBook will rest at an ergonomic position for a day of less strenuous typing. While in the ergonomic position, the MacBook is raised off the ground which naturally improves airflow and decreases the possibility of overheating.

The hardback covers are re-stylable, giving you the opportunity to express your personality by giving your MacBook a new look, playing with different materials, colours and textures of the covers. The LIFT is up on Kickstarter where you can certainly expect the project to be funded in no time.

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