Listen and Ride the Waves – SurfEars 2.0

The best ear plugs for surfers has now been upgraded. After listening to its customers, the company now offers an optional leash, which means no more lost plugs, ever. It now even lets more sound through with improved acoustics. The guys at SurfEars re-engineered the fixation between the bud and core to increase the area of the sound channel and surface area of the acoustic mesh. This results in a better hearing and balance while riding those waves.

Also, the ear bud has been redesigned for an improved comfort and water seal for surfers who like to have those long surfing sessions. They have shortened the intrusion depth and allowed the possibility to adjust the bud in and out of the ear, hence, people suffering from surfer’s ear can endure the SurfEars experience. Despite being priced at a premium of $65, hear me out, you’ll be able to maximise and understand the entire value of these earbuds once they are in your ears.

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