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Logitech Launches Left-Handed Focused M650 Mouse

If there’s a “workhorse” piece of equipment for your home office set up, undoubtedly it would be your keyboard. But running a close second for items that you just have to have and that have to be reliable would be your mouse. That being said, justifying an $80 price tag for a mouse like Logitech’s excellent MX Master 3 or MX Anywhere 3 can be difficult. Fortunately, Logitech has an alternative to those premium mice that comes at half the price but is still just as reliable—the Signature M650 Mouse.

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Granted, the Signature M650 Mouse doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that those premium versions do. It does, however, come in two different sizes for small and large hands and in a left-handed version. It also features SmartWheel scrolling, which switches automatically between notched and free-scrolling depending on how fast you’re scrolling.

“There are more than a billion knowledge workers in the world, and around half of them don’t use a mouse or have an entry level or corded mouse with limited functions,” said Art O’Gnimh, vice president of the mainstream business for creativity and productivity at Logitech. “The Signature M650 offers a true Logitech signature experience with simple productivity functions that make working all day easier and faster.”

It has a soft thumb area and a rubber side grip for a more ergonomic feel. Logitech says that the mouse will work for up to two years off of a single AA battery. The Logi Bolt USB wireless receiver works with MacOS, Windows, Linus, and Chrome OS devices, as long as they have a free USB-A port. Alternatively, you can connect the mouse via Bluetooth.

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Logitech also built the mouse with SilentTouch technology, which cuts down click noise by 90 per cent when compared to Logitech’s M185. Finally, the M650 is made using a percentage of recycled plastic—the graphite version uses 64 per cent recycled material while the off-white and rose versions use 24 per cent.

If you’re going to rely on a mouse, but you don’t want to spring for the higher price points and you have concerns about the cheaper models, the M650 is a nice, middle of the road version that fits the bill nicely.

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Logitech m650 mouse

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