Go Wireless with Logitech’s MK235 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Raise your hand if you’ve spilled on a keyboard. Now raise the other hand if you’ve ruined a keyboard, potentially at work, by doing just this. If you don’t have at least one hand raised, you are lying. When you’re grinding away at work with a big mug of coffee, it’s almost impossible to avoid the occasional arm swipe and severe spillage. Luckily for the clumsy ones of us out there, Logitech’s new MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo provides an easy solution.

logitech's mk235 keyboard use

The MK235, a spill-resistant keyboard and mouse combination with wireless connectivity and a durable design, is an innovative and sleek solution for a variety of issues around your mouse and keyboard. Of chief importance is of course the spill-resistance. However, the features extend further – the keys are “weather proof,” meaning that your letters won’t fade over time as you pound away. Additionally, the keyboard also has two adjustable typing angles and sturdy tilt legs so you can transcribe in whatever is the most comfortable fashion. To protect yourself from stupidity, grab the MK235 before it’s too late.

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