Logitech’s Prodigy Range – Gaming Accessories for Casual Gamers

Logitech’s Prodigy range of gaming accessories is not for the hard-core gamers, it’s for everybody else. The Prodigy series gives all gamers access to Logitech’s best technology but is designed to be a fine entry point into the world of gaming hardware. Short of soundproofing the room, the G231 headset is the way to go. Using 40mm neodymium drivers, the G231 headset will keep you immersed from start to finish. The high-performance cloth ear cups are soft and will remain comfortable hours after use while the unidirectional mic is perfect for multiplayer and voice commands. The headset is also ideal for console gamers being compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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The G213 Prodigy gaming keyboard features ultra-quick feedback that is up to 4x faster than the report rate of standard keyboards and an anti-ghosting matrix keeps you in control when you press multiple keys simultaneously. Change the colours of each key to match your setup, with five lighting zones in a spectrum of up to 16.8 million colours, saying infinite possibilities isn’t a stretch. With an integrated palm rest and dedicated media controls, The G213 will comfortably take care of all your PC needs for hours and hours.

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Wired or wireless mouse? The Prodigy range features both. The G403 gaming mouse boasts speed, accuracy, endurance and is 8x faster than other wired gaming mice, while the wireless variant is lag free. With six customisable buttons, an adjustable weight system and programmable RGB lighting, you won’t find a more personal experience.

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