For Those Who Love Curves – Samsung Expands Curved Monitor Portfolio with Five New Displays

The results are in: you love curves! No, we’re not talking about your taste in females–get your mind out the gutter will you? We’re talking about your other favorite pastime–television of course (okay, so maybe TV is not exactly “out of the gutter” but you get the point). In response to the overwhelming reception of their curved monitors in 2015, Samsung is expanding their portfolio to include five new models that cater exclusively to the preferences of the modern viewer.

samsung curved monitor bottom side

Samsung is so diligently committed to pure innovation and technology of they didn’t even waste their breath on fancy names. The new models have names like CF390 or CF591, and each one offers optimal picture quality and varying degrees of those salacious, immersive curves that you can’t get enough of. What this basically amounts to is more choice for you, dear viewer. More choices on the screen size. More choices on exactly how much curvature you want, possibly prompting the question: do you want your television to merely immerse you or downright swallow you whole Videodrome style?

samsung curved monitor top view

Other features of the television include a trademark slim design with high gloss finish and multiple connectivity options. The pricing is right, the picture is phenomenal, and we’re all about those curves, baby!

Check it out

samsung curved monitor front view