Low Battery no Drag With the Native Union Bag Tag

Style, functionality and technology are more and more becoming a singular concept, and with brands like Native Union, it’s easy to see why. Born of the idea that we all use modern technology every day, and that the mobile accessories market was flooded with cheap, plastic items that were neither stylish and practical, nor robust, the gentlemen at Native Union set out to deliver a new range of products that supported our frequent use of phones, tablets and smart watches without compromising the desire to look good (and stand the test of time) in the process.

native union bag tag mobile charge

Their latest offering is so simple it begs the question ‘why has nobody done this yet’, and will guarantee you’ll no longer be caught out without an iPhone or iPad charging cable ever again. Constructed from Italian leather, it’s available in two colours and simply loops on to your bag or keyring, then pulls out to reveal a 7-inch cable whenever and wherever you need it. Once tucked back in it is a stylish leather tag that blends in to the background no matter what look you’re going for. At $79.95 on the Australian online store it’s definitely in the category of one of those things you never knew you needed until now.

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