Lucid Air

The Lucid Air electric car has been called either the spearhead of the new revolution in cars or the next great flash in the pan. Either way, this car is destined to become an icon.

The interior is like a private jet, with high-quality materials laid out in a super smooth and spacious way. But that’s just the part you tell your wife. What you don’t tell her is that between the dual front and rear electric motors, the Lucid Air churns out 1000 horsepower. That, my friends, is no joke.

lucid air car top

It’s got an operational range of 300 miles on a single charge. Buyers have the option to upgrade to a 400-mile range. A lot of folks might scoff at that without thinking about how often traditional vehicles have to fill up. Forget about those people. 300 miles is plenty- especially when you consider you can cover that distance in half the time it would take for an ordinary car to cover it.

The Lucid Air is designed to be outstanding in two areas; speed and comfort- and it excels at both. But it’s also jam packed with information technology and advanced features. We could go on about it, but we promise you- you’re not going to be terribly concerned about hooking up your Bluetooth when you’re barreling down the road at 250 mph while almost lying down like some kind of freaking space cowboy.

back lights of lucid air car

Oh, and there’s one more thing- the Lucid Air can drive itself. We don’t know how you could get so jaded that you would get tired of driving a mover like this. It takes all kinds.

You too can take a 300 mile per hour nap for just $160,000 USD.

Check it out

lucid air car in the jungle

lucid air car seats color

lucid air car front

lucid air car beside ocean

lucid air car close hood

lucid air car interior

lucid air car seats

lucid air car on the bridge

lucid air car windscreen

lucid air car lights

rear view of lucid air car

top side view of lucid air car

side view of lucid air car

wheels of lucid air car

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