Lumigent Smart Desk Lamp

Remember your old desk lamp with the swivel neck? Kiss it goodbye. Today, it’s all about the Lumigent robotic smart desk lamp from Cerevo.

Lumigent is a robotic smart desk lamp with camera and Wi-Fi. When you give her a friendly greeting (“Hi Lumi!”), she’ll automatically move herself into the right position for your needs. Think it’s too good to be true? Think again. Lumigent’s even got an auto-focus 8MP camera to take pictures of anything on your desk. Having this “smart eye” on your desk can totally revolutionize work collaboration. Everyone can share things that Lumi captures to Cloud services. Plus, you can even ask her to switch to webcam mode to start a video conference.

lumigent smart desk lamp camera system

And with Lumi, things just keep getting brighter — literally. In fact, Lumigent remembers your ideal lighting preferences. Simply preset your favorite lighting angles for when you read a book, use a computer, sort documents or anything else, and Lumi will smartly transform herself into the appropriate position and lighting angle for your specific activity. She’ll even remember your ideal lighting for each activity — so all you have to say is, “Hey Lumigent, change the position to reading.” Your wish is her command!

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