Lyf Board

Lyf Board Brings the Family Together

The foundation of a strong relationship is good communication. Australian startup Lyf Board is taking that foundation and simplifying it. “As parents of 4 kids, we get it,” says Lyf Board. “So many people to keep track of and move around. Appointments, work, school, social outings, homework, sports games… it’s a surprise us parents manage to hold it together somehow.” Sure, you can use traditional paper calendar’s hanging on a wall, or a whiteboard on the fridge, or even resorting to Post-its stuck around the house to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on. Or you can use Lyf Board’s dashboard and truly connect.

Lyf Board displays all the important things you and your family need to be aware of. It shows calendar events, reminders, traffic alerts, homework, timetables for trains, and more. And it does all that without you having to pull up an app, or multiple apps, to find the information you want or need. All you have to do is find the right place to put the Lyf Board—someplace where everyone will see it. Then connect to your mobile app to personalize the display to what works for you and your family. Then just ask Lyf Board to display the information you desire. You can track the weather, find out where your kids are, plan meals, check on traffic—the possibilities are endless. Lyf Board works with all the ways you track and live your life, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, Life360, Cozi, and Fitbit. Lyf Board displays all the information you need on its screen, and will soon become the hub of your family’s hectic schedule. No need to worry about privacy, though. Lyf Board securely stores your information either on the screen or in the app, not in the cloud.

With so much going on in your family, having a central repository of everything is a must, and it will help save your sanity and relationship. Lyf Board accomplishes just that, by bringing everything you need to know and be aware of into one, central location.

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