M.A.D. Gallery Introduces Another Nixie Machine

The M.A.D. Gallery is known for its unusual and weird projects, such as the Nixie Machine. Created in 2015, this unorthodox clock is based on technology from the 1950s. It features a retro-futuristic design that makes it look like something that belongs in a science fiction movie.

The idea for the Nixie Machine came from Alberto Schileo, an inventor who found hundreds of Nixie Tubes in an old warehouse in the Soviet Union. German artist Frank Buchwald then produced the Nixie Machine based on Schileo’s idea.

machine uses power to apply forces and control

Featuring six authentic East Germany Nixie tubes from the 1960s, The Nixie Machine is quite unusual. The Nixie tubes used in this machine are among the rarest and largest ever made. They stand 90mm tall and feature electronic circuitry which creates a glowing display.

The tubes are presented as three pairs for seconds, minutes and hours. Each of the digits are displayed in the Nixie tubes.

The M.A.D. Gallery is once again collaborating with Frank Buchwald to create another Nixie Machine. This one will be even larger than the original at 1.2 metres long. It will feature brass and steel construction and can hold up to six tubes.

nixie tube clock

One of the new features of the Nixie Machine II is a wi-fi enabled controller. The time is automatically set through the internet connection. Also, some features can be controlled via smartphone or tablet, including day and night modes and scroll effects.

The Nixie Machine is available in very limited quantities—only 12 will be made. They will be offered at the three M.A.D. galleries worldwide.

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nixie machine ii

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