Magic Leap One is a Leap into the Magical

Magic Leap One uses what they refer to as lightfield photonics to create a virtual reality viewed through special goggles. Virtual reality is a rising field, with more and more offerings coming out seemingly on a daily basis. Magic Leap One sits at the forefront of that wave.

magic leap one is a leap into the magical

The design of Magic Leap One is smaller that other goggles you might have seen out there. Instead of strapping your electronic device to your face, or mounting a helmet on your head, Magic Leap One’s goggles are only slightly bigger than your sunglasses. The engine driving the glasses is a small pod that looks to be about the size of a compact disk, only thicker, that can be clipped onto a belt or pocket. Magic Leap One also features speakers that can mimic distance, giving you an even more realistic “real world” feel.

where magic leap one really shines

Where Magic Leap One really shines, however, is in its visual perception. Using sensors, it can read the environment around you to incorporate lightfield objects. In other words, it combines the virtual with the physical, so you’ll be able to place a virtual TV on an existing wall, or duel it out with virtual bad guys that can hide behind the couch in your living room.

Magic Leap One ships in 2018, and if it can deliver on everything it promises, it will change how we interact with technology, both in terms of gaming and work, not to mention socializing with each other.

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the design of magic leap one is smaller goggles

magic leap one in hand goggles

magic leap one a man playing games

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