Make those Beats Even Sicker with the Phiaton BT 460

Most of us have had the experience of having to dig our phones out of our bags, pockets, gym gear to adjust the volume on what we are listening to. It can be a troublesome and tedious process with things falling everywhere when the cord gets stuck under what’s our bag, or we’ve plugged the cord in under our shirt while we run and then nearly face-plant it on the treadmill. Despair not! The Phiaton BT 460 Wireless Touch Headphones are the answer to all our prayers. The touch sensitive interface on the side of the headphones allow you do all the usual functions of play, pause, fast forward, rewind and adjust volume, but will also let you take calls. This smart technology also thinks for you, if you remove your headphones they will automatically pause what it’s playing and then start up once more when you replace them to your ears.

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phiaton bt 460 wireless touch headphone feature phiaton bt 460 wireless touch headphone front side