Make a New Friend with the Aeolus Household Robot

There was a time in my childhood where I dreamed of a reality where robots existed so they could help me around the house. Maybe it was my desire for an indelible friend who only existed to serve me (that seems darker than I remembered, looking back…) Even as a younger child I knew this was a far fetched idea, but it never hurt to dream. Those dreams are now becoming a reality.

aeolus household robot is here to help

The Aeolus Household Robot is here to help. The first generation of household robot assistants are ready and waiting to be assimilated into your daily life. Providing comfort and care, Aeolus robots help deliver food, pick up clutter and trash, find lost possessions, and are always eager to get another assignment.

aeolus household robot is providing comfort

Not just programmed machines, these robots have superior artificial intelligence and are continuously striving to learn each and every detail of the lives of those around them. Once they have identified the most beneficial way to assist you, according to your schedule, the Aeolus will go to work and work to help you while always improving how they can best support your lifestyle.

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