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A Mariner’s Best Friend – The New G-Shock, Gulfmaster From Casio

Seafarers rejoice! Seemingly out of nowhere Casio announced a major advancement to its Gulfmaster line-up of watches with new tech designed to stand up to the rigours of world oceans. The new model Gulfmasters are the first G-Shock analogue models equipped with a depth sensor, a barometric pressure sensor that can be used to predict upcoming weather changes, a temperature sensor that detects changes in air and water temperature, and a digital compass that can be used to determine wind and tide directions. When your friends ask, impress them by saying it’s a Quad Sensor.

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Auto level correction detects the angle of the watch during compass readings and compensates accordingly, which helps to ensure correct readings while on a rocking boat. A dual-coil motor drives a retrograde dial hand to provide the wearer with instant feedback on the constantly changing natural environment. There’s also super illuminated LED lights for flagging down passing mariners or the coastguard.

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A new reinforced case made with highly rigid carbon fibre adds a greater toughness. The buttons are structured of metal pipes and triple O-rings for increased water resistance. The face is protected by sapphire crystal while the shock resistant back cover and the urethane band create a comfortable fit to the wrist. Everything about these models is designed and engineered to meet the challenges of maritime conditions.

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