Marshall Hanwell Hi-Fi Speaker

Whether you are Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osbourne or Steve who likes to play air guitar in his garage; it does not get any better than a Marshall amp. The daddy of rock music, Marshall has been making the highest quality amps for over 50 years and now they’ve added some retro-cool speakers to their portfolio. The Hanwell hi-fi speaker comes from a limited edition line of 50th anniversary products each stamped with a numbered commemorative badge. A perfect indoor speaker, the Hanwell is designed to create that live, big stage sound in your own space. Technically speaking the Hanwell has the attention to detail and quality you would expect from Marshall; the long-throw woofers create rumbling deeps whilst the hi-fi tweeters capture the clarity of the highest solo. Style wise the fret cloth and gold logo screams classic Marshall design. Bring this into your home and you will certainly be screaming over the music. $600 USD

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