Master of Your Domain – Bose QuietControl 30

Someone must be shaking things up over there at Bose because the audio retailer is debuting not one but four sets of incredible wireless headphones in 2016. Among them is the QuietControl 30, which features the company’s trademark noise cancellation technology with an extra helping of customization. With the QuietControl 30 you can now adjust the level of noise cancellation, tuning in or tuning out the surrounding environment as much as you desire.

bose quietcontrol 30 wireless headphone

The QuietControl 30 also includes a neckband that conforms to the shape of your body and is about as light as your average necklace, though obviously with a little more width. The device is compatible with NFC and Bluetooth and is primarily intended for Bluetooth use. Basically think of the QC 30 as the ultimate achievement in earbud technology, and furthermore an attempt to fulfil the promise of unfettered communication made by Bluetooth all those years ago–a promise frequently derailed by environmental distractions.

bose quietcontrol 30 wireless headphone in woman ear

Thanks to the adjustable noise cancellation feature, the QC 30 will basically ensure that you never have to deal with one of those awkward business calls ever again. You know the ones we’re talking about–where you keep asking a potential client to repeat himself every ten seconds because the wind or some other distraction obscures half of what he’s saying. In fact the QC 30 takes clarity so seriously that there’s a side-tone function allowing you to hear the volume of your own voice. That means you not only can you hear what the other person is saying but you can determine what they’re hearing when you speak as well. Bose has truly come out the gates swinging in 2016!

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