Master & Dynamic Launch Headphones that Perfectly Compliment Your Leica Camera

Audio designer Master & Dynamic has launched an attractive range of headphones inspired by Leica’s 0.95 camera. This collaboration sees M&D continue to reach its high standard of audio quality that’s now paired with an aesthetic known across the photography scene.

Each pair of headphones is manufactured using premium soft and supple cowhide leather, and components machined from stainless steel. The collection features the ‘0.95’ logo with refined red acoustic mesh and the ‘Designed with Leica Camera AG’ engraving underlining the collaboration. Borrowed from legendary Leica cameras are small details such as the design of the dials and the signature red glass dot.

master and dynamic headphone on the table

The Leica 0.95 inspired range features three unique styles catering for a variety of audio experiences. The MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are the perfect companion for a journey of discovery. Every detail is considered, including the 45 mm custom neodymium drivers, exposed all-aluminum antenna for best-in-class signal and connectivity as well as a 16-hour lithium ion rechargeable battery. The MH40 Over-Ear Headphones offer similar quality, although the dual input/output ports allow for two travellers to share the same device or watch a favourite movie together on one tablet.

master and dynamic headphone for super sound quality

The ME05 Earphones are designed so you can relax and forget the earphones are even there. Made of black chrome over a solid brass body, the earphones feature a distinctive form that benefits from the acoustic properties of brass. The ME05 utilises custom 8mm drivers for superb sound quality and are custom machined like all Leica products. The balanced weight distribution ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

master and dynamic headphone provides stylish safe keeping

The 0.95 range is complemented by a specially designed stand that provides stylish safekeeping of the headphones when not in use. The ‘Master & Dynamic for 0.95’ collection is available now from Leica Stores, authorised Leica dealers and from the Master & Dynamic online shop. It’s a unique blend of audio and visual that will surely turn heads.

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master and dynamic headphone on the stand

master and dynamic headphone nice style

master and dynamic headphone a specially designed

master and dynamic headphone intricate leather products

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