The Master & Dynamic MA77 Speaker Is Made of Concrete

New York-based Master & Dynamic is known for its premium headphones. They offer some of the best sound thanks to top materials and acoustics. Master & Dynamic has recently decided to enter the speaker market. Rather than going with traditional metal, plastic or wood like most speakers are made of, Master & Dynamic decided to try something much different—concrete.

master and dynamic ma77 speaker on the table

The company’s first speaker is made out of a nearly 16 kg block of concrete. Master & Dynamic collaborated with famous architect Sir David Adjaye to design this speaker. Adjaye is known for his work with the Smithsonian Museum. The result is a high-quality wireless speaker that provides superior sound quality thanks to its rather unique design.

master and dynamic ma77 speaker unique design

This speaker is constructed of a special property blend of concrete that was designed to provide excellent acoustics. According to Master & Dynamic, this unit has less resonance from the enclosure and increased damping thanks to the concrete build.

Concrete has ten times the dampening power of plastic. This dampening power means that you can place the MA77 speaker just inches away from a turntable and play at its loudest volume without any skipping.

master and dynamic ma77 speaker back side

Features of the MA77 include a titanium tweeter with 100 watts of amplification, 4-inch Kevlar long-throw woofers and TOSLINK optical ports. This speaker also features wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. The MA77 can connect over Wi-fi to a variety of Chromecast-enabled apps, including Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and Google Play.

master and dynamic ma77 speaker front side

The MA77 features a stainless steel grille that can be removed thanks to a set of magnets. Although the speaker already has a modern, industrial look thanks to the concrete, removing the grille enhances the industrial appearance even more as it exposes the components.

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