Measurement Made Easy with the Bagel Smart Tape Measure

Ah, the humble tape measure. Man’s trusty companion for DIY home improvements, moving residences, and body measurements for the tailor. The tape measure is ubiquitous – but perhaps in need of an upgrade. The Bagel Smart Tape could be the tape measure 2.0. Having met its funding goal of $30,000 on Kickstarter in just 15 hours and having now raised over USD$1.3M, Bagel Labs’ innovative device clearly has a market. But what is all the excitement about?

Bagel has three different measuring modes, which the developers say should let you measure ‘just about anything’. Bagel’s string mode works like a traditional tape measure, using a strong but flexible 3-metre Dyneema string to measure various body types, and flat and curved surfaces. Wheel mode is useful for measuring undulating surfaces, oddly shaped objects and – since this mode only requires the use of one hand – difficult to reach areas. Finally, remote mode uses an ultrasonic laser sensor that automatically calculates the distance between Bagel and the targeted surface up to 5 metres away.

measurement made easy bagel smart tape measure device

The real beauty of this device, though, is that measurements are digitally stored with an accompanying voice memo, enabling you to quickly describe what it is you’ve measured. You know what that means – no more indecipherable scrawling with a permanent marker on used paper towel. Bagel is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can transfer and organise all your measurements on Bagel’s free mobile app. If you’re planning a move anytime soon, get your hands on one of these first.

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