Meet KeyWe, The Smartest Lock on the Block

It took a mere three hours for KeyWe to meet its funding goal on Kickstarter, which should give you an immediate sense of its allure. Indeed, the smart lock promises to deliver intelligence, security, and convenience in equal measure. Structurally, it’s built using strong aluminium, and equipped with an Ansi Grade 2 deadbolt. Meanwhile, the device offers no less than six different ways to open the door. Throw in a super-competitive price point, and it’s no wonder that KeyWe has raised over 300k to date.

keywe smart lock outdoors

Put simply, KeyWe provides every possible feature you can ask of it, and even some features you didn’t even think of. For instance, if you want to give someone temporary access to your front door, you can give him or her a One-Time Passcode (OTP), which is good for just one use, and valid for two minutes. Overall, the device allows access by way of the following methods: auto unlock, touchpad 20 passcode, one-time passcode, guest key, mechanical key, and NFC (i.e. your smartphone). Everything can be set and controlled through the adjoining app, which allows you to register multiple locks at a time, and will even notify you when the batteries are running low.

keywe smart lock interface

As if the streamlined user interface and spectrum of access options weren’t enough, KeyWe is also delivering some next level synchronicity. Specifically, the device is integrated with Z-Wave and Bluetooth technology, enabling compatibility with gadgets like Amazon Echo. Ultimately, KeyWe is hoping to work with any smart hub on the market. Consider it yet one more reason to scope this magnificent device.

Check it out

KeyWe Smart Lock Key

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