Meet Vi, the AI Personal Trainer who Lives in Bio-sensing Earphones.

The female voice inside your head is nothing to worry about. It’s just Vi, the AI personal trainer inhabiting bio-sensing earphones and who’s on target to become the new voice in fitness. Vi tracks your progress and coaches you to results in real time. The personal trainer can be used to meet weight goals, stay fit and improve your running and cycling. Plus enjoy your workout soundtrack at the same time and make hands-free calls. With Vi you will always know how fast, how far, how high and how hard.

black bio sensing earphones

Vi works by measuring your heart rate, movement and environment through sensors in the neck brace and pre-set personalised settings. The tech than analyses and compares this information and relates it back to coach you to success. Vi tracks your progress with headphones in or out. A companion app will let you monitor progress on your phone and customise Vi between workouts. When available, Vi will support running and cycling, with updates via the internet to increase the capabilities at a later date.

 bio sensing earphones in the ear

The neckband design allows you to enjoy Vi comfortably all day long. Design firm Minimal played an instrumental role in shaping Vi’s ergonomic form to ensure the device fits comfortably to a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. Harmon/Kardon provided the sound tech so Vi and your music always sound great. The Vi personal trainer is just wrapping up its Kickstarter campaign where it reached around 1000% of the initial funding goal. Vi will hit retailers in 2017.

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