Meet Vi, Your New AI Personal Trainer

Absolutely destroying it on Kickstarter right now is Vi, an artificially intelligent personal trainer who resides in your earbuds and takes fitness tracking to unparalleled dimensions. Vi capitalizes on a slew of contemporary passions such personal health, customized training, data crunching and our ongoing love affair with technology. On the Kickstarter page you can watch videos of the app simply blowing people away.

ai personal trainer modern technology

Think of Vi as Siri on steroids (though hopefully minus the steroids). She utilizes bio-sensing technology to develop a one-on-one personal training experience and evolves in real time to keep pace with your improvement. That means Vi is both a coach and a friend who actually gets more intelligent the longer she’s put to use. She can even do things like play your heartbeat back to you, or if that’s just a little too personal she can activate music or call others at your request.

ai personal trainer earbuds

While it’s probably endlessly fun to tinker with Vi’s communicative abilities, at the end of the day this is a tool meant to help you get in shape. With Vi at your side, you can optimally reach fitness goals without over (or under) extending yourself on the treadmill or weight machine. Should you therefore choose to employ her services, try to keep your mind and body on the task at hand and not get all Joaquin Phoenix in Her on the damn thing.

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