It Might Get Loud – Ultimate Ears Turns the PartyUp

Picture an app that can simultaneously stream crowd-bumping music through four separate wireless speakers. Did you do it? Good. Now crank that up to 50 separate wireless speakers. Yes, 50 speakers playing music from the same source all at once–that’s what audio brand Ultimate Ears is delivering with their new PartyUp app. Apparently they intend to take the party “up” into the highest imaginable stratosphere. Quadraphonic is child’s play by comparison.

loud ultimate partyup speaker on hand

The app works by linking your mobile device with any Ultimate Ears wireless speaker, meaning the UE BOOM, UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM. Each speaker is effortlessly portable, waterproof and sturdy, and you take it basically anywhere. Use Siri or Google Now or your trusty fingertips to get those tunes flowing through up to 50 speakers at once by way of PartyUp. That means technically you can start a flash mob complete with surround sound at the top of a mountain if you so desire.

loud ultimate partyup speaker front side

Stellar performance aside, we simply love all the fun terminology: Ultimate Ears. UE MEGABOOM. PartyUp app. Rarely does an audio company take such an unabashedly bohemian approach toward its potential use. Ultimate Ears knows you like to party and with their latest innovation you might actually have trouble keeping up.

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