The Mighty Spotify Player Lets the Music Bring All the Might

In the future you’ll be able to upload your music playlist directly into your ears and control it via brainwaves. Until then, Mighty Spotify Player might the next best thing. This nimble, tiny device that’s campaigning on Kickstarter aims to expose smartphones and even iPod shuffles as downright inconvenient when it comes to music listening. By contrast, Mighty is light as a feather, as durable as the best-made gadgets, completely affordable and about half the size of a post-it note. It plans to integrate with Spotify, be compatible with iPhones and Androids, and play 48 hours of music without an Internet connection. Sounds great to us (no pun intended)!

mighty spotify music player with phone

Mighty was created due to a frustration that’s practically universal by now: smartphones are simply too big, too expensive and too fragile. That’s not to mention that they take us tons of battery power every time you use them. Mighty is a step in the total opposite direction. It’s intended to be clipped onto an article of clothing and then essentially forgotten about so you can focus on the music and whatever task it is you’re performing. It’s perfect for work-outs or any on-the-go activity that you wish was a little more hands-free.

large mighty spotify portable

Mighty has already rallied plenty of support on Kickstarter and it’s only a matter of time before this beauty is clipped to your waistline and pumping hours of great tunes into your eardrums. At first it will be integrated only with Spotify, but the company aims to expand with other streaming services as it gains traction in the gadget market. But don’t worry about needing to trade your old model in for a new one every few months–all the expansions will be done through software updates so you can keep pace without dishing out more dollars. All lovers of music and mobility should check out Mighty ASAP.

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