The Minot Wheel Turntable May Be the Simplest in the World

There is just something about coming home from a long day at work and putting a vinyl record on the turntable. As soon as you hear the static hiss, you are transported back to simpler time—one in which you didn’t have to worry about traffic and deadlines. The problem is that most turntables are difficult to operate. We have found the solution—the Minot Wheel Turntable.

The Minot Wheel Turntable might be the most minimalist turntable ever. It is simply a wooden wheel. That is it! So, how does it work?

minot wheel turntable simply a wooden wheel

This turntable was designed to be straightforward and easy-to-use. Designed by Dutch company Minot, all of the technology is built right into the platter. The amplifiers, linear tonearm and belt drive are all right there on the wheel. The functions are controlled by a centre stick.

minot wheel turntable controller and a power switch

Although this turntable has a very basic design, it is quite advanced. The central spindle acts as a controller and a power switch. This smart spindle can skip tracks. Just twist it to turn on and off, skip tracks by clicking right or left and tap it to pause.

minot wheel turntable different colors

Another advanced feature is a linear tracking arm that sits underneath the record. This arm is fitted with a modified AT95 cartridge and infrared track sensor. Other features include a stereo RCA out, a headphone jack and a switchable phono jack.

minot wheel turntable on a wall

The Wheel can be used vertically or horizontally so you can mount it on a wall or a tabletop. It is available in a choice of three rich colours—walnut, cherry and mahogany. There is also a rosewood colour available on a limited basis.

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