Moggles is the World’s First Truly Portable VR Headset

The Moggles VR headset is made to be truly portable. Moggles does what no other VR headset can – it folds. Your smartphone provides portable entertainment wherever you go, and thanks to Moggles lightweight, foldable design, it’s easy to immerse yourself in virtual reality at the same time. Just be wary that if you’re playing Minecraft VR in public, you might look like a tool.

moggles portable vr headset girl hand

Moggles premium design and matte finish give the headset a feeling of luxury while retaining the necessary parameters for a comfortable VR experience. It’s biggest selling point is of course, its portability. Moggles can be folded into a thin, hard case with a thickness of only 50mm perfect for carrying in your pocket. The case is also incredibly handy for protecting the lenses from scratches when not in use. In its folded state, the case also offers a space for a hand controller and ear phones – the tools to complete the VR experience and turn your headset into a VR console.

moggles portable vr headset side in hand

The VR Headset has a removable panel in the front to reveal the smartphone camera for augmented reality. With a lens size of 35mm, Moggles gives you a wide field of view for increased immersion and the removable foam cushioning allows customisation to comfortably fit all face shapes or just to clean the headset.

moggles portable vr headset smartphone camera

Moggles, which is short for Mobile Goggles, is a Scandinavian brand that’s based in Sweden. Moggles is compatible with all smartphone brands with phone display sizes up to 6-inch size. You can check out the VR headset online at the Moggles store where it goes for around AUS $100. Mini Bluetooth controllers are also available.

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moggles portable vr headset camera

moggles portable vr headset strap

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