Moleskine Actions App Keeps Track of Your Lists

The Moleskine Actions App comes from the company perhaps best known for producing high quality notebooks. No doubt you’ve seen people use Moleskines before—for journaling, note taking, or organization. The Actions App is all about organizing your lists into actionable items. Using digital cards, you can create and them organize all the things you need to do. Then, just start checking items off as you complete them by simply swiping the cards. Actions can even react intuitively to your cards. For instance, if you type in “Check in with Joe every Tuesday” Actions will take care of scheduling, reminders, and notifications. It will also track items that need to be rescheduled or deleted.

Once you have a list of actions to be done, you can then drag and drop each card to easily prioritize tasks. Each item can also be color coded to match your productivity system. With the Schedule feature, you can see all the things you need to get done, and what’s coming up next. You can also add details to your lists; for example, adding items to a shopping list, or putting in addresses and phone numbers. You can also create push notifications or set up repeating actions. And you can migrate actions from other apps to Actions.

If you’re a list maker, you’ll want the help of the Moleskine Actions App so that you’ll also be a list completer.

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