Mophie Powerstation Go Can Jumpstart Your Car

You might be used to Mophie powering your devices, but did you ever think that the portable battery would one day jump-start your car? The Mophie Powerstation Go brings together a power bank, multiple ports, a flashlight, and the capability to jumpstart full-sized cars and SUVs.

The Mophie Go produces 65 watts of power, which means you don’t have to worry about plugging your devices into the two USB-A ports and the AC power outlet on the Go. It has plenty of power to handle all of that, so go ahead and plug in your phone, laptop, tablet, and more. It comes with mini-jumper cables as well so that you can jumpstart your car in an emergency. That ability is thanks to the 44,400mWh battery. Just as interesting, the Mophie Go supports Qi wireless charging and comes with its own charging pad. It does take nine hours to get a full charge, and if you do plan on jumpstarting your car with it, you’ll have to ensure that it has more than a 50 percent charge (you can see how much of a charge you have by checking out the indicator lights). You’ll also want to keep in mind that the jumper cables are proprietary to the Go, which means you can’t use just any old pair of cables you have sitting in your trunk.

“The next generation of Mophie Powerstation takes our universal solution that everyone knows and loves and makes it even more powerful with the ability to jump start cars,” says Charlie Quong, vice president of product, power at ZAGG Brands. “The Powerstation Go provides a quick and safe way for consumers to get back on the road in no time. As a leader in portable power, we’re excited to offer customers a reliable solution for all their charging needs while on the road.”

You can pick up this portable battery pack in a number of colors, including black, blue, rose gold, blue/purple, camo, and gold. The Mophie Powerstation Go retails for $159.95. As far as emergency battery packs go, this pack has you covered for everything from your phone to your car.

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