Mophie’s Powerstation XXL is Universal Charging at its Finest

Leading mobile accessory brand Mophie has launched a new high-capacity universal charger designed to charge your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, smartwatch, wireless headphones, Nintendo Switch – the list goes on.

mophie powerstation usb c xxl ipad

The PowerStation USB-C XXL is equipped with one USB-C port and another USB-A output that is powered by a 19,500mAh battery which can provide an additional 14 hours of charge to a MacBook or even longer for a mobile device. The PowerStation offers high-speed charging, and if connected to a wall adapter, the power passes through to a connected device first and then recharges the PowerStation battery, so both are fully charged come morning.

Pressing the LED power indicator button will give you the charging status and battery levels, so you never have to guess. The PowerStation itself is finished with a durable fabric wrap that offers both a comfortable feel and keeps the PowerStation battery and other devices in your bag protected and free from scratches while you travel. It’s more of a smart fashion accessory than anything.

mophie powerstation usb c xxl led power

The PowerStation USB-C XXL is available now exclusively through Apple stores and Mophie online for US $149.

Check it out

mophie fast charging

mophie black color powerstation

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