Motive and Opportunity – Motiv Ring

It’s 2017 and that means new resolutions, new experiences and best of all: new gadgets! That’s right folks, innovation never sleeps and nowhere was that more apparent than at CES 2017. Among the slew of nifty products unveiled was the Motiv Ring, a new fitness tracker that makes all those bracelets and watches seem downright bulky by comparison.

motive and opportunity motiv ring new fitness tracker

Motiv Ring is exactly what it sounds like: a ring that motivates. And what does it motivate exactly? A healthy lifestyle of course. You slip it on your finger and it can track your activity, heart rate and sleep among other things. It’s resilient in the face of virtually any wet or dry conditions and intended to be worn at all hours. Sync it with the app and keep pace with all your vitals, adjusting your daily routine accordingly.

motive and opportunity motiv ring black color

Motiv Ring is a great example of how technology can start big and get smaller and smaller without losing a beat. There was once a time where the only tools that gave you precise read-outs on your body metrics were to be found in the doctor’s office. Now it’s as easy as putting a ring on it. With Motiv Ring, tracking fitness has never been less intrusive. Slip it on and get motivated!

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motive and opportunity motiv ring phone

motive and opportunity motiv ring the art fingers

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