Muemma Mia, Here We Go Again

If you find it hard to stay abreast of the many Bluetooth speakers available on the home audio market, spare a thought for us here at Man of Many. Every day, a new manufacturer announces their latest and greatest innovation in the world of wireless audio connectivity and sound quality, all in a neat little package and for a reasonable fee, and it’s our job to learn all about it.

muemma mia bluetooth speaker on the shelves

Luckily for you, we only review the ones worth hearing about, so listen up. This is the ARiNA from audio nutters Muemma. Subtle styling, interchangeable colours and the ability to hang it on the wall make it the bluetooth speaker for those who don’t want a bluetooth speaker dominating their room.

Featuring 360 degree sound, huge bass output and a microphone for conference calling, Muemma have thought of everything. Best of all? It also doubles as a charging station for your USB devices. Add to that 10 hours of play away from a power socket and you’ll surely agree that this has got to be one of the best home audio devices to hit the shelves of late.

Check it out

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muemma mia bluetooth speaker on the table

muemma mia bluetooth speaker attached wall