mui: Calm Design Device Built with Natural Wood

mui is a bit deceptive.

It looks like a plain piece of wood that is mounted on your wall. You might be tempted to pass it off as avant-garde artwork, but there’s more to mui than you think. With a swipe of your hand, you reveal what mui can do.

mui device

It’s actually a smart device that can function as a control hub for your smart home. With mui, you can send and receive messages, check the news and weather, and control smart devices like the lights, thermostats, and speakers. mui uses Google Assistant to meet your needs and responds to voice commands.

mui Calm Design Device

mui subscribes to the philosophy of minimizing the noise of technology in our modern world. Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a screen—whether it’s TV, phone, tablet, or other smart devices. The beauty of mui is its camouflaged appearance. When not in use, mui looks like a natural piece of wood, thus cutting back on the presence of technology in our lives.

But it’s instantly responsive when you need it.

While electronic devices seem cold and sterile, completely devoid of life, mui’s wood housing invites in warmth and reconnects us with life.

mui at the door

mui is easy to set up—just use the iOS and Android compatible app.

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