Narcissism’s New Frontier – The Roam-E Selfie Drone

Congratulations, all your wonderfully persistent selfie-takers! You rallied against sarcasm, satire and whatever other forms of ridicule were thrown your way and ultimately won the battle. Of course the free market was never judging you in the first place. First they gave you the selfie stick and now comes this: the Roam-E Selfie Drone. Sure, the technology kind of looks like something out of Person of Interest, but that makes sense because it was designed for the person that interests you the most: yourself!

roam e selfie drone holding hand

Okay, we’ll table the snark for now because the Roam-E is actually pretty spectacular. It uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to separate the users face from the crowd as flies through the air like a breathless miniature helicopter that’s no bigger than a water bottle, taking HD quality selfies from 360 overhead panoramic views using an 1080p camera. It’s almost like having your own personal HD version of that camera snapping your picture just as your roller coaster hits a steep drop and you put on your “holy crap!” face. You can take this baby anywhere and get a hands-free snapshot while you high dive into a pool or take your bike through or obstacle course or party with your friends or sip Pina Coladas on your building’s rooftop.

taking selfie by roam e selfie drone

As anticipated, the demand for the Roam-E is astronomically high and pre-orders are piling in. The product itself was developed here in Australia so it holds an extra special place in our own hearts. We can all too easily see the Roam-E becoming man’s newest inanimate best friend so check it out now before all your friends get one.