NATIVE UNION Dresses Up Your Airpod Case in Premium Materials

NATIVE UNION Dresses Up Your Airpod Case in Premium Materials

Sure, Airpods come with their own case, and, yes, the case is done in Apple’s iconic style, but they don’t do much to express your personal style. NATIVE UNION, the lifestyle brand that produces premium tech accessories, has a line of cases for your Airpods that let you show your style.

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The new category of Airpods cases includes cases made with genuine leather and textured silicone. The cases provide a seamless fit for Airpods with either the charging case or the wireless charging case. The cases are also designed to provide unfettered access to all the ports and controls of the cases without hampering any functionality.

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The leather case from NATIVE UNION features cases done in black, tan, navy, and green. The cases are made of premium, handcrafted Italian leather and sells for $50. If you want something even a bit more unique, you can go for the Marquetry case with its geometric leather aesthetic. This case is done in black or rose and is available for $40.

native union airpods case

The Curve Case for Airpods features a textured silicone design in black, rose, and navy. The case has a dust-repellent finish that will help keep your Airpods functioning at their best. This case supports wireless charging, which means you won’t have to deal with having to pull the silicone shell off of the case to charge your Airpods. The textured exterior makes the case easier to hold and grip. The case sells for $25.

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While Airpods have become a bit of a status symbol, which is evident from its near ubiquitous nature, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle with looking just like everyone else. You can step up the appearance of your Airpods by dressing the case in one of NATIVE UNION’s cases—whether you choose the leather or the silicone versions. Whichever way you go, you’ll have a case that looks good and supports all the functionality of the original.

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